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Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program ® is a parenting and family support system designed to prevent – as well as treat – behavioral and emotional problems in children and teenagers. It aims to prevent problems in the family, school and community before they arise and to create family environments that encourage children to realize their potential.

Triple P draws on social learning, cognitive behavioral and developmental theory as well as research into risk factors associated with the development of social and behavioral problems in children. It aims to equip parents with the skills and confidence they need to be self-sufficient and to be able to manage family issues without ongoing support.

The Triple P program has been shown to reduce risky behaviors among youth, such as substance use and juvenile offending, as well as encourage positive social behavior and emotional wellbeing. The program has also demonstrated success in reducing parental depression, stress, anxiety, and family conflict, and increasing positive family interactions. 

Mohawk Valley Providers



The Center for Family Life and Recovery 

Offering programming at six locations:


-Rome, Utica, and Camden.


-This includes a dad’s Triple P Program, and programming offered in Spanish. The Center for Family Life and Recovery is partnering with The Neighborhood Center, Insight House, and Care Net of Central New York for this initiative.

For More information contact:

(315) 768-2678

HFM Prevention Council :

Offering Programming at two locations:


-The Creative Connections Clubhouse in Amsterdam

-Rob Constantine Recovery Center located in Johnstown.

For more information contact: 

(518) 736-8188

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